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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Wow! I am speechless! I've just gone through some of the post that have been posted in the last couple of days and I am floored at the support from everyone!


John thank you for doing what I should be doing and putting up the video!

Bob, Thank you for your input and being satisfied with the product. I know that once you get the time we will chat more about them. Also if you get around to a pic to post that would great too!

Andy, What can I say ! Thanks for being here and keeping me grounded and going in the right direction.

Harry, Can't wait to get your results!

MFB , Thanks for taking the time to look and listen about the product. Your questions help me immensely as I prepare to get this thing rockin !

Red, We found that even though it seems like you are putting a bunch of torque on the lugs and hoop , you would be surprised as to how easily you can still move the stop. The drummer that is road testing the lugs has tried triple flange , wood , and diecast hoops and has not had any sort of deflection in any of the hoops. Also keep in mind that Grunter was just showing how easy it is to change the sound with one lug. You could also acheive the same results by splitting the three turns he did in the video to 1 1/2 turns on two opposing tension rods.

I most like will be away for the next week or so as I try and get things nailed down with the new partner/ machineshop but I will check back when I can or feel free to hit me up on facebook as I have been spending lots of time on there.

I will certainly come up with some sort of special deal for those on this board that want to give them a go , I just gotta get some things obviously squared away first.

Oh , just incase you don't get to my facebook page , here are a couple of prototype pics of the Bass Station (and another $3100 patent started, wonder why I have no money ,sheesh! ) and the tom holder.

Again thanks for all your support !

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