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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

I receive countless numbers of advertisements a day, whether on the internet or anywhere outside of it. The majority of them do not apply to me, but the most noticeable ones are the ones that do. I find it a bit of an intrusion if companies are using my personal information to try to persuade me to give them my money. On the internet they normally base it off of your IP address, I'm fine with that when it comes to search engines since they give more relevant information. I guess it's not a serious problem if the adds don't affect you very much, but I've seen some people who feel the need to go out and purchase a product or live up to a certain ideal set by an advertisement or company. I find it disturbing that people can't always make choices for themselves when it comes to personal purchases.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
It can't be an invasion of privacy since you go to the internet, it doesn't come to you.
Advertisements come to me. I never seek out tips on how to get jacked in 3 weeks or search for advice on what medicine I should be using to loose weight.
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