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Dirty Laundry???!!!! Wow, I thought I was the biggest Pocaro fan ever, and I didn't know that (maybe because its the most commercially succesful tune of his I can think of).

The thing about Porcaro is you know IMMEDIATELY its him playing, or somebody who really idolizes his style. I didn't think of "I keep forgettin'", but now that I hear it in my head, yeah, definately Porcaro!

He plays on all the Toto albums up to the greatest hits cd (and his untimely death).

Many Bozz Skaggs cuts (Lito, being a great forgotten tune, and that definitive Porcaro shuffle sound).

He is on James Newton Howard and Friends (ca. 1985) considered one of the best sound engineering accomplishments of the time. The 'and Friends' part just refers to the guys from Toto, minus singing. If you watch movies you'll know James Newton Howard, he's one of the busiest Hollywood soundtrack guys ever.

Man, he's awesome. I got to play on his kit an 17 year old wannabee fledgling drummer in 1987 in a clinic in Seattle, WA.

I found this site too...tons of stuff, presumably everything he ever recorded:

Jeff Porcaro Discography

oops: EDIT...I guess Michael Jackson's Thriller would be the biggest commercial so much good stuff his discography Bonnie Raitt Luck of the Draw..just awesome!

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