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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

Originally Posted by THC View Post
I want to know how the heck it is that I can go to Home Depot, come home and open DW and right there at the top advert banner and all my email account pages, etc are full of Home Depot ads. How does the internet know I just went to Home Depot?
The internet's really smart...I'm not sure exactly how it happens, but pretty much all advertisements you see are not random...When I go to school in NYC, there are a lot of local NY ads. Now I'm in Italy, and pretty much all ads from any site (youtube,, nytimes, etc) are in Italian. Facebook is very very smart as well. It takes information from your profile regarding interests, relationship status, etc and decides to put ads up that cater toward these interests. I'm also pretty sure that whenever you buy things online, the internet remembers what you bought, and there is a high chance that you will find ads that are related to the item you just bought.

It's pretty cool I think.
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