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Default Re: Great AM pop tunes

My PC has been down for a couple of days ... sorry that my loose terminology seemed to create a bit of ruckus. DED, as usual, put it nicely - generic pop. I've always enjoyed pop, even when I deluded myself that I was above such fluff and trivia.

I guess it's similar to saying that if I was to pick my favourite cuisine it would be Indian, followed by Thai, but my love of chocolate and Ice Cream remains. Abe mentioned Shocking Blue's Venus - my favourite track from my first ever album - 20 Dynamic Hits :)

I've covered Play that Funky Music before and always loved it for no good reason - it just appealed instantly; I think of it in the same way as My Sharona. Goofy, trite and infectious. Some of those 80s queer tunes were pretty cool too, like Tainted Love and Relax. Another 80s number that got me was Blinded Me With Science.

As for the 60s, does anyone remember They're Coming to Take Me Away? lol
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