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Default Re: brady's new Ludwig kit

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Terrific! I have a WMP set myself and I'm thinking of adding a 14x14 FT and 14x18 BD to create a bop kit. How's the 14x20 sound? That would be an option for me, too.
Oh, I love the 20" kick! I came from a 22" and this new one is much punchier.

I'm not very tall, so the size fits well too. I can put the rack tom exactly where I want it. I think 20" is the most versatile kick size. You can tune it to work for just about any gig.

If you're buying an extra kick to make a bop kit, you could still look at an 18"; they're pretty fun to play. (I assume you have at least a 22" now.) If you're trying to make one kick drum work for everything, I would go 20".
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