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Default Re: Great AM pop tunes

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Exactly...not being there, it at least seems seems that way.

R&B from that era (Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Kool and the Gang etc) was also great. Then you had all those really good horn bands, and of course the iconic rock groups, alongside undiluted fusion /the Miles albums like Jack Johnson, On the Corner, the Dregs, Weather Report, Return to Forever/ Zappa in his prime, and even a kind of big band jazz revival with guys like Buddy Rich and Maynard Ferguson reigning in American band geek groupies. It certainly appears to have been one of the most fertile periods ever for non classical music.

Still, people from that time have to admit that their pop music was probably worse than any other generation's before or since.
I was born in 1970, so I was there, but too young to really have a grasp on what was going on.

I never really got the horn bands, because from what I recall, Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool & the Gang were on the pop stations with Donna Summer, Andy Gibb, the Bee Gees, and the as-mentioned song "Play That Funky Music". So it all sort of blended together from my young perspective.

It wasn't until years and years later that I started reading in MD about guys who were into the horn bands, and that other people really distinguished that stuff from the disco and pop of the same era. But in my head, it's still the same, because that's how it was presented at the time.

But hey, if you really want to get into 70's cheese, anyone remember watching the Sonny & Cher show? Or Donnie and Marie? I doubt I could sit through an episode now. Back back then, there was no MTV, no outlet for music videos. If you wanted to see music and had to be in bed by 9, there wasn't much else you could do.

At least not until several years later when "The Kids are Alright" got shown on TV.
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