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Default Re: NCAA Championship?

Damn I'm a little late. I'll do the remaining teams.

I think Kentucky can upset NC. NC has had a fairly easy road while kentucky has had to fight pretty hard. I think if the Carts can bring their game then NC won't be ready.

Kansas will beat VCU no question.

Then we got Kentucky vs. UConn. Another tough one... Wildcats have a had a great playoffs but UConn never fails to disappoint, I'm going with them.

I'm goin with Kansas over Butler too.

So finals are Kansas vs. UConn. Another tough one. I don't like Kansas so I want to say UConn, but Kansas has had a great year, I'm goin with them.

I still can't believe Marquette beat Syracuse, lot of big upsets this year.

Didn't really get to brackets this year, next best thing I guess lol.
I personally wanted the Buckeye's... It's a damn shame. Now I'm rooting for UNC, but Kentucky could beat them so idk.

Hey next year we should have our own DW brackets. Everyone throws in a drumkey or some moongel or something lol.
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