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Default Re: Great AM pop tunes

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
Oh man, now you're hitting too close to home! (With Play That Funky Music, not Muskrat Love!) LOL

I actually saw Wild Cherry live back in the day! I still like that song, and we play it, too. Goes over great, every time!

Please be gentle with comments about my taste, now. The heart wants what the heart wants! (Illegal smiley)
I think every era produces great stuff and not-so-great stuff. Look at what we're dealing with now. If the kids today aren't embarrassed about what they listened to 30 years from now, then there's something wrong with them (hell, they might be embarrassed about it in a year or so since everything seems to be moving so fast thanks to the 'net).

But we can also remember that 1976 was when the Police actually became a band, and Thin Lizzy had a hit with "The Boys are Back in Town", Ted Nugent released his album that had "Stranglehold", and Heart was becoming a super-power. I for one, am not embarrassed about what I listened to. It is kinda' strange that certain songs no longer hold my attention anymore, but most do. The 70s were basically my childhood. I certainly don't wish to be part of somebody else's childhood.
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