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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

One of the more difficult things to do without proper tools and skills is drilling all of the necessary holes in a brand new shell to mount 10 to 20 lugs, a strainer, and butt for the strainer, and with these lugs or the entire concept where the strainer attaches to the Wac'd lugs, that drilling will not be needed. You will need a shell with bearing edges and and snare beds and that is all. When I built my snare I had all of this done for me, but imagine how clean the shell will remain without all of the holes. If there is only one reason for these lugs to work in my mind it is for Gary's enthusiasm. When he was showing me the prototype for the bass cradle and the tom mounts it was great. This is a very viable concept and I only wish him the best as I'm sure we all do.
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