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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Me too, I really hope it works out because I would love to see this design in the mainstream.

With terms of inherent conservatism, I think it's probably true in the majority of instruments. Electric guitars have barely changed since the invention of the Telecaster and you could say the same about the 'fundamentals' of the kit since about 1960. I'm not adverse to change either, I really like useful innovations like this lug design.

With that said, I'm actually not a big fan of suspension mounting. I just don't really see the benefit on ply shells. I've owned a few kits - none of which have had suspension mounting - and I've played kits with suspension mounting and I really don't think that it makes that much difference. All the hype that surrounds them should be replaced with innovation in drum head design and shell manufacturing methods, they are much bigger factors with regard to overall sound. Combine that with better tuning methods and you have what I perceive as real benefit. That's why I'm absolutely in favour of these lugs, because they aid tuning - which I see as the most important factor in sound.

If drum manufacturers regularly offered solid shells and stave designs, I would be willing to reconsider my position on suspension mounting, but I think that innovation in ply shells should be focussed elsewhere.
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