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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Thanks for that excellent video John. A very good demo of one of the significant benefits of Gary's system. I've appreciated Gary's design from the start. It scores in a number of key areas, not only as a superb piece of drum design innovation, but as a business platform too.

Just as with any drum design, it's not going to appeal to every player, but that doesn't mean it won't have a solid place in the market. Let's just take the snare application in isolation. Even if you don't subscribe to the sonic benefits of the free floating principal, just the ability to rapidly change sound from number to number is pretty unique in itself.

I think Gary's design will have a very strong presence in the retrofit & self build market. Beyond that, it depends how much of a complete product solution Gary wants to offer. Just imagine, you want to build your own snare. You buy Gary's lug system, your shell of choice, two hoops, a strainer & butt, & away you go. That's a very personal to you custom snare built in an afternoon.

Then there's the "easytune" angle (get that registered Gary!). How many threads do you see with questions about tuning, especially from those starting on their drumming journey. I'm pleased to see that Gary has the intellectual property side sorted, as I believe the "easytune" feature could be of significant mass market interest. Be prepared to think outside the box on the intellectual property management Gary. A limited application deal with a major player could yeild a useful investement return, offer huge advertising by default, yet protect & realize your idea of an "all American" original product offering from Wac'd drums.
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