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Default Re: Disappointment in bassists :/

Hey guys

Good news! The bassist decided to return :) which I'm happy about. Also I get to play guitar on two songs while the guitarist (who's a kick ass pipe band snare drummer) plays drums :)
I'm not really allowed to tell the song we're going to play on Facebook or stuff but I get to play guitar on a Foo Fighters song called Weenie Beenie and I also get to sing which is pretty awesome as I wanted to do more than play drums and because we can all play different instruments in the band I think our encore songs will just be switch abouts basically!
So I think the band will be going well :) also getting into alot of Latin drumming too which is pretty awesome and I think I want to do latin drums and stuff when I'm older aswell as rock and jazz.

Thanks for your support guys :) frustration is over
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