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Default Re: Great AM pop tunes

I'm far too young to remember AM Pop radio and I don't think it ever really happened over here in the same way. I pick up occasional AM music radio broadcasts on my car radio (usually from other countries, I think the record is Canada) when I'm listening to an AM station and I'll happily say that what I have 'accidentally' listened to didn't provide much inspiration!

I do think, however, that it is important for the various authorities to actually slightly deregulate the AM band - especially in the UK. FM licences are very, very hard to get hold of over here and whilst there is a fair selection of local FM stations in general (there are certainly a fair few where I live in North Lancashire) nationally, there is very little that isn't very mainstream - commercially at least. In my experience, the only national UK stations worth listening to are BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4 (on FM) and 5 (on AM - specifically MW). Now that is a sad state of affairs and I really do dislike almost all UK commercial radio - catering to the same audience. I'm 22, but I don't listen to anything that is typically aimed at my demographic. There's virtually nothing music-wise that I want to listen to and Radio 3 is the only regular music station I listen to. It's a Classical station. And Classic FM is awful.

So, ending the rant. I would like to see more national AM licences issued that cater to more esoteric tastes, failing that, digital radios in cars. Digital radio is the future, but I'm staying well away from buying my own set until the standard is better established - I'm not convinced that DAB is going to be around for too much longer.

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