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Default Great AM pop tunes

No surprise that a drummer site is full of fans of rock, jazz, metal, fusion and prog.

Thing is, many pop musicians have broad tastes and are mindful of maximising their chances of living a music life rather than a 9-to-5 life. So every now and then, artists who produce some pretty dull stuff start producing some cool music once they are big enough to have a say in their repertoire.

I set my iPod on shuffle today and came across a couple of pop tunes that I think are sensational - one is Madonna's Papa Don't Preach, which beautifully captures the situation a lot of young girls find themselves in, and I find it really emotionally satisfying. Another was Sherbet's Howzat, which is corny but a beautifully crafted pop number. I also felt that Supertramp tends to be terribly underrated - fabulous musicians, composers and inventive arrangers.

Any examples of pop tunes that really did it for you?
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