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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys :) There's been more of them than I'd like but it at least beats the alternative, eh?

Yep DMC, I'm still idealistic about doing freebies, although I understand that it's a luxury that not everyone who'd like to do that can afford. I got a kick out of doing those caricatures (yours turned out especially well :) and seeing people happy with them so, in a way, I'm getting paid. Bernhard also does what he does for love and I totally relate to that (and am grateful for it).

A new state government is certain to be voted in tomorrow and it's possible that that could end up with my job disappearing, in which case I might need to look at a way of monetising the illustrations. Living in interesting times ...

Fabo, advertising is usually a bit of a trial but I find it worse on TV and radio where you totally lose content for a while than the web, where you can ignore or dismiss the ads pretty easily. I just hate super intense, intrusive ads and ads that make a noise when you're listening to music. Google Adsense is no drama - the ads just benignly sit there and how much you interact is totally your choice.
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