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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
That is fair enough, you are certainly not alone in liking Watain, Terrorizer publicised the hell out of their latest release. Personally, I don't really like black metal that tries to be crust punk, or black metal that is heavy and raw, purely for the sake of being heavy and raw.

I have no real problem with heaviness in general but there is a difference between being heavy and being heavy to be "brutal" for death metallists or "grim" for black. If there is a point to the heaviness, if it reflects upon something, that is a different story. I find Watain are all style, with little substance.

I didn't find your comments on Cor Scorpii rude, each to their own, I find Cor Scorpii are attempting to do something with a more progressive strain of black metal. I'd agree with the Windir comment, but I don't see where the issue with Cor Scorpii sounding like Windir is when as you said, half the members are from Windir. I wouldn't expect them to abandon their artistic dreams because the band failed.

I agree with the comment on the shitty bands and happen to be a huge fan of Nyktalgia myself, they are fantastic, glad to hear of someone else listening to them. Their last album wasn't quite up to the level of their debut though, still incredibly solid however.
Thanks, yeah when talking to people some get very offended if you don't agree with them. That's why I didn't want to come across as rude. Watain, for me seems to have only gotten the publicity as a side affect of their music. They're new album has a lllot of depth to it and they've had the same image since they began. It's not so much an image for them as it is a part of what they practice. I agree the first Nyktalgia album was better, but both still great they haven't lost/changed their style at all.

P.S. don't mind the delayed response I don't get e-mails from the site so I didn't see this until now.
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