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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I guess I came up at a time when the net was all about geeks and free exchange. I still run websites giving away free stuff (no ads). It's a pretty ye olde worlde attitude, I know. I'm having yet another birthday today and I suppose I'm a long way from the ideal target audience.

I agree with your point about donating.
Happy birthday! Balloons and ice cream for you!

I understand about free exchange - you even created a cool caricature of me, free, so I know you speak with authority on that.

Though it seems like writing a program to block all ads on all sites - regardless of content - works against free exchange and reduces the monetary value of sites in general. I guess that's not a problem if the site is funded with fees or donations.

Some ads a truly obnoxious - popups and ones that follow you around the page. I just leave those sites. But if ads are not intrusive and carry relevant information, to me, they're just part of what goes into a typical Web site.
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