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Default Re: Disappointment in bassists :/

Originally Posted by dwdrummerky View Post
Its tough to find good help these days. Im lucky that I have very good and reliable guitarist and bass players. It took us over 3 years and auditioning over 50 "singers" before we found a good one. Im not sure what the deal is these days but people think if they can sing in their car, do karaoke, or play rock band its time to look for a professional band. I felt really embarrased for alot of the people that came out, especially after we played back the session for them.
I know what you mean :/ our rhythm guitarist is an decent singer, he just can't play electric and sing at the same time. But bassists are hard to find in Scotland anyways. And singers. We actually thought the band was going really well after 4 bassists before getting "I don't want to be in the band after the first gig, I find bass boring." Sad thing is, he's actually a really good bassist :/
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