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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

Originally Posted by Fabo View Post
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, who responds to these and how effective are they? I guess since there's so many people online there must be some percentage of people that click the adds and then another percentage of those people who actually follow through with what was being advertised.
Yes, it must be a similar principle to spam - low overheads with weight of numbers. Talking of spam, if people manage to get themselves ripped off by the Nigerian phishers, I guess anything is possible for advertisers ...

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I never, EVER click on ads that are unrelated to the sites I visit. That is, a drum-related ad on Drummerworld may get a click from me, but the Vodafone banner ad that I see at the top of this page right now will not.
That makes sense. I was playing back tonight's band practice recordings and suddenly there's these awesome drums coming through my headphones.

I'm thinking, "Wow! I can't remember playing that!". Next minute there's this blurb about Michael Michalkow's drumming system ... I'd clicked his ad - lol

I find it comforting that I was also given an ad offering to perfect my golf swing. They mightn't know so much about us, after all.
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