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Default Re: Advertisements Everywhere

Originally Posted by THC View Post
I want to know how the heck it is that I can go to Home Depot, come home and open DW and right there at the top advert banner and all my email account pages, etc are full of Home Depot ads. How does the internet know I just went to Home Depot?
Probably because you made a transaction with your credit card.
It's pretty sad, and somewhat scary: anyone can get lots of your information through the internet. You make a purchase with your credit card, home depot now knows your email, phone number, address, etc.
With home depot is doesn't really matter, they're a professional company and wouldn't give your information to anyone else. But with some companies it does matter. If I knew your name, I could go to a site, and find your address, phone numbers, email, annual income, a picture of your house, your family info, and any criminal backround (not saying you have one, lol).

Veered a little off topic here, lol.
Yeah ads are a pain :/ I don't really mind them unless they're popups, especially the ones where the "x" button is a single pixel or when you close it it just opens the ad anyway.
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