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Default Re: Phil Ehart

Resqguy, you must have been reading my mind.

I'm an unabashedly Kansas fan and the reason why is Phil Ehart, beginning way back in 1979 - my first concert as a young lad.

Needless to say, I have seen Phil and band as recent as Ocotber 2010 and two weeks ago, and Phil was simply amazing behind the kit. So much energy and passion. I was transfixed. Wow, he gets better every year. He plays simple, is not very flashy, but solid amongst the many time changes and twists in Kansas' music. And a to-die-for Yamaha kit.

I took a killer photo of Phil playing live a couple weeks ago and I'll post it here soon.

Phils my #1 drummer. Better than Peart even.

Thanks for the post!!!
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