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Default Re: Played with a Throne Butt Kicker for the First Time

That photo illustrates an alternate method for mounting the unit, but certainly not preferred. I can understand that judging the ButtKicker by that mounting suggests that the kick won't be very strong, and it's not. It's still really nice, but for the best result (and where possible,) the unit needs to be mounted directly to the seat.

For those who've tried it and didn't absolutely love it, it's very possible that it wasn't set-up correctly, in the same way that if a drum isn't tuned well, it's easy to dismiss it as a bad drum. I tried Pearl's 'kicker' at NAMM - some have said it's OEM'd by the ButtKicker folks - and it was just an embarrassment. Barely a vibration from it, yet touted as an invaluable addition to electronic and acoustic kits. Well, I was certainly one of the guys saying how bad it was, and in hindsight, I realize it was probably not set-up correctly. Such items that aren't demonstrated properly are a real disservice to the companies that make them, and I think that's happening with the ButtKicker for those who perhaps tried one that wasn't set-up correctly, or read too much into a photo.

Seriously, the ButtKicker is the ultimate answer for those who need to feel more of their kick, but it's also not for everyone. Please don't feel that I'm trying to 'sell' anyone on it, I just want everyone to understand what it does before making judgments. I might be the only one here who owns and uses the ButtKicker, and I hope my experiences using it on various kicks over the last 7 years will be regarded as helpful.


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