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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

Here's what I would do.

Place the condenser mic at ear level just by your left ear making sure you don't hit it,that way you will pick up pretty much what you hear from the snare and toms, hihat will get caught by it well and frankly yudon't need to worry about that too much, just make sure you are happy with the snare sound.

Put the SM58 either about three feet infront of the kit low down at Bass drum height, try that out first, depending on how hard you hit the kick drum, you may need to put it somewhere else to get a good sound, possible on the batter side under the snare.

I would aviod putting it in the drum as that will really limit what you get out of it, it might produce a nice kick sound but you will get nothing else and with only two mics you need to get as much out of each as possible.
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