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My understanding is that industrial help is less utilised than it would have been if not for the stigma attached to it. It takes time to establish industries and it took far longer than it should have done to get the industrial help industry going here. ref
Throughout the early nineteenth century, Australia was an important producer for the increasing world demand for hemp. Hemp was grown in Australia up until the 1937 when the Australia government agreed to follow the US by prohibiting the cultivation of hemp. There is little history available on the Australian hemp industry, although it is known to have been grown around the Northern Rivers and records about resilient Hunter River varieties exist.

Throughout Australia, for the past 10-15 years researchers have revived breeding stock and farming and research in value adding, has been substantial. In November 2008, NSW was one of the last states in Australia to pass legislation to allow for the cultivation and use of hemp under licence. Australia currently prohibits hemp seed use in food, although an application to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is being considered in October 2010.
The same goes for medicinal hemp. Our attitudes towards help have been terribly naive and unproductive and a number of levels.
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