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Not sure about the efficiency thing since I owned a Trick for a while and I use to slam it pretty well, I didn't play any different than I how I would with my Cobra Jrs, they just looked that much cooler for me. One of the reasons I stopped using the Trick is because I spent all day making it feel like my Cobra Jr.! So having a $375 pedal that acts just like my $60 pedal didn't make much economic sense....
Can you make your Cobra Jrs feel like an optimized Trick or Axis? No, unless you shave a whole bunch of metal off of the moving parts and make it direct drive. The benefits of the Axis and Trick show mostly at the quicker range of foot action and especially with double kicks. If I were playing single pedal on a single kick, I'd opt for an IC or DW9000 or something too....and of course the Cobra Jr would be pretty good too. I even have a little brother to one!

A 'baby Cobra' alongside some ferrets? \/
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