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Default Re: Played with a Throne Butt Kicker for the First Time

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
It wouldn't work if there wasn't a mixer with a send for the kick, meaning it wouldn't be usable whenever the kick wasn't miked in the first place. Unless the drummer wants to bring his own 'rig' just for the sake of feeling the kick better.

Running a trigger signal through a drum module to a ButtKicker will get it done without the bass drum being mic'd. It won't allow you to get the more layered monitoring that you use by combining it with your in-ear monitor mix. It will however get the thump to the seat and then if you use it in mic'd up set ups you can also send a kick mic signal back from the board to the ButtKicker to achieve the results you detailed in your set up.

For $279, I can get a Simmons drum module with two 9" pads and two triggers.
$100 for the ButtKicker and all I have to find is an inexpensive amp and I can put together a ButtKicker rig and add two pads to my set up for other sounds (i.e. hand clap, or whatever)
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