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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

I feel you brotha. I too record with two mics. I have a Blue Kickball a little ways in the bass drum pointing toward the shell, and a Behringer B1 condenser for an overhead. It sounds pretttttyy darn good too. I only wish I had another B1 for stereo. With flat EQ on the overhead mic, everything comes out pretty balanced. I turn the lows up on the Kickball to about 100Hz though.. I'm still experimenting with getting the 'right' kick sound I want ( i think i'll have to invest in a Danmar patch for that 'click'). Also, try some muffling techniques if you arent already doing that... some towels in the bass drum.. . stuff like that.

OH YEAH! One thing i do.. I cover the front of the bass drum with a blanket to isolate the kick from the other mic and vice versa. It may not sound like it does much.. but it's a noticeable difference. To me at least. I just started the recording thing about two months ago and I'm learning everyday! Only problem is.. my band just moved into a practice studio 30 miles away so I have no drums to play on anymore!

Time for a Gretsch Catalina Club, eh?

Edit: I paid $120 for the Blue Kickball at Guitar Center (it's the red ball mic) and the Behringer B1 goes for about $100 everywhere. After trying to get the right sound out of my kit for the first two months with 4 mics (two overhead, snare and kick) I discovered that I could use the B1 to mic the drums..... and this all happened LAST WEEK. Great sound. I love it. G'bye!
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