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Wow, who would of thought Portnoy caused so much controversy...LOL, j/k

Anyway, I'm a HUGE Dream Theater fan, I think their music is fantastic. But Mike Portnoy as a drummer does not impress me too much. I do think he is a great guy, and I'm sure he has contributed so much to the song writing process of DT. If you really listen to DT you might understand what I mean when I say that probably, alot of the older stuff was written around some crazy drum beat that Mike threw together. For example "Under a glass moon" or "6:00 o'Clock" and this is why DT's music is so appealing to drummers and has influenced alot of new drummers. But, notice that after Jordan Rudess joined, people began saying that the music has been disappointing. Well I think DT's music is now not writing around Mike (I'm sure some still is) but around Jordan instead. I believe Jordan's writing has been more prevalent in the last 3 albums, and that has caused Mikes parts to be simpler more straight forward.

The reason I say this is because I currently play for a Dream Theater tribute band, and I've had to dissect the music, not because it is extremely difficult but because, well, I have to learn it. I have to know what is really going on. However 80% percent I can pick up just by listening to the CD in my car. But there is that 20% percent that I really have to listen to. And the difficult part about playing the songs and what is impressive about Portnoy, is not the parts themselves, but instead putting all those parts together in a song. I like DT as a whole, MP is a good drummer, but is great with DT. But as far as my influences go in the realm of ProgRock/FusionRock or whatever you want to label it, I much rather listen to Mike Mangini, Nick D'Virgilio of Spock's Beard, and I'm starting to like Jeremy Colson. I've only seen Jeremy with Steve Vai twice, but he impressed me.

And as far as DT copying Tool or whomever, I don't think is copying but rather throwing a bit of a tribute to the bands and music they are influenced by. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that, if asked, I'm positive the DT members will tell you "yes, so and so part is influenced by so and so band" etc...countless times they throw in the actual parts from other bands that influence them into a song. For example "Enter Sand Man" from Metallica. Yet here you guys are arguing about it, stop complaining and go practice!

EDIT: Oh and about the argument about his huge drum kit being a joke, too big, or whatever...well, I've got a small 5 piece fusion size set, and I use two roto toms instead of the octobans Portnoy uses. Two crashes, two hi-hats (left and right side of the kit) one china, two splash cymbals, and one set of wannabe Max Stax, (which is really a china kang cymbal on top of any old cheap splash), one tamborine, and one jam block for the song "Surrounded" And guess what, I can play all the parts with that.

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