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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Just a small update, but first I want to thank everyone that gives Jennifer support and helpful criticism.

As far as what is happening with me and Wac'd Drums , I have been having quite a few ups and downs over the last two months. My enthusiasm is still running high but some reality has hit. The investor and partner I had needed to back out due to his immediate work obligations. So that meant I also lost my start up capitol.But I still have managed to get a number of snare sets out to some members here for their feedback and results.

So once again I am behind the barrel so to speak on getting things fully operational, but in due time I'm sure it will happen. I actually have a meeting next week with another possible investor, so wish me luck.

In the mean time I have been very busy continually taking things from the drawing board and getting them into the prototype stage. The Bass Station has gone from drawings to being roadtested as we speak. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. I will get more indepth with it once we get some road time in with it. Also the prototype tom holder that will work with the lugs is proving to be a great addition to the lugs.

I invite everyone here to check out my Facebook page and look under the product photos and take a look , and while your there hit me up ! I would love for everyone on this board to follow me along with this.!/

More to come...
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