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Not doubting that hemp has some great qualities and myriad uses that are being wasted and squandered by rigidity and dodginess by the powers-that-be, but you're carrying the ball a tad further down field than I'm prepared to run :)
Industrial hemp is legal to grow in Australia. Funny thing is, the US imports hemp products (like rope and canvas) but doesn't grow commerically for its own market.

I think Industrial hemp is most useful than the other kind - there are all kinds of uses: nutrition, clothing, building construction material (Hempcrete). When it comes to cancer there are all kinds of therapies that are used, medicinal THC restores the appetite of those that undergo certain cancer treatments (aswell as those that have AIDS), it is not the universal cure but rather it helps with certain symptoms.

Please don't get confused.

So you cannot smoke a Cuban cigar! What a shame, man! all due to political non-sense the way, the US commercial blockage remains on Cuba.
It is unfortunate, the real victims of the embargo are the ordinary Cuban people.
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