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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

Hey Ian, what are the laws like in Venezuela?

Larry, Bob Marley died from a malignant melanoma. Bear in mind that cancer isn't a disease, it's a phenomenon - like corrosion. It's a collection of diseases - lung cancer, skin cancer, etc and they require different treatments.

My sister thought like you did about chemo - until she got lung cancer and went for alternative treatments because she was afraid of what chemo would do to her. She nearly died as the cancer spread; going on to chemo saved her. Chemo is unnatural but so, I suspect, is surviving cancer.

Pot is sometimes prescribed for people feeling sick from chemo. Surely doctors would notice it if the patients they prescribed THC to had a much lower mortality rate?

Not doubting that hemp has some great qualities and myriad uses that are being wasted and squandered by rigidity and dodginess by the powers-that-be, but you're carrying the ball a tad further down field than I'm prepared to run :)
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