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Yea Pol it's sad that I can't expect my government to not screw me. That's why I don't trust them with anything.
As far as the anethesia goes, I'm with you. Anesthesia isn't a medicine though, it's a pain killer. I have no problem with that. It's the other "medicines" for dry eyes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, etc. and any chemo therapy (which is poison, how can poison heal? It can't. It causes more deaths than it prevents. What medicine has a skull and crossbones on it's packaging?) that I am railing against.

It's been known since the 70's that THC stops cells from mutating while not harming healthy cells. (unlike chemo) As you know, that's what cancer is, mutating cells. The US government holds patents on it already. You can view the patent on the internet. The patent assignee is the US government as represented by the Dept. of Health and human Services. (It says so on the left). It spells out everything if you care to read the full text. This alone PROVES that cannabis has been lied about since 1937. It is currently classified as a Scedule 1 drug, which means it has no medicinal value. Which is blatently opposite of what the patent says. Wake up people. And Pol, please don't take chemo, ever. It's poison. THC oil is not poison.

They know ALL about it. They have kept the cure for cancer from us for about 40 years now. F them. F them. They are the enemy. What kind of leaders keep a cancer cure from it's people?
THC cures cancer people, Google it if you don't believe me. If you want to know more, go to

and look for the movie called "Run from the cure"
Then watch it, it's almost an hour long. They show you how to make your own cure for cancer in the movie. THC oil cures cancer. That's a fact. (not smoking it, it must be ingested, or topically applied, in the case of skin cancer) If you have a loved one with ANY kind of cancer, you really need to watch this.
I care more about you than your government does. There is no reason anymore that people should die from any type of cancer, Krohns, MS and many other terrible diseases. Educate yourself about this, it's really important that the masses know this info.

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