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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

Larry, I agree that the betrayal by governments in favour of big biz is disappointing, but hardly unexpected. Has there been a time in human history that corruption wasn't endemic at the top levels? Let's not forget the cronyism that goes on in tribal societies.

Power corrupts. There aren't a lot of Mahatma Gandhis around ... sadly.

But nothing is black and white. For instance, if I have cancer then I want big pharma's chemo products - as opposed to lightweight herbal stuff or useless homeopathy. If I'm having surgery I want big pharma's anaesthetic, not to drink a bottle of Scotch and get whacked over the head with a piece of four by two.

I think medicinal THC is mainly used to relive nausea, especially for those on chemo. It's great for boredom / depression (same thing in a way) ... if used, as opposed to abused. Apart from the damage smoke does to you and the occasional person with mental illness where it mixes badly, the worst thing about overuse of pot is that you end up feel great for long periods even if you're not doing anything enterprising to "earn" the good feeling. So it can work to limit achievement. Now think of the problems of overuse of alcohol.

Of course, abuse of anything is bad for you in some way. If people are allowed to judge for themselves instead of being patronised by the powers that be, then more of us will work out a way of approaching intoxicants with maturity rather than like dogs let off the leash.
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