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Default Re: The circle of life of a band member...very funny

Hey everyone, new here. Saw the title of this thread and it struck my fancy.. the article is indeed very funny :D I know a couple of people that financially and practically fit the bill, though, and it is very sad. But they are not delusional about it ;)

The one thing I am terrified of is having kids. Not having them, per se, since I want to in a few years, but being able to raise them with a decent life in terms of financial security, and being able to send them to college or university. Otherwise, I don't have the yearning for big money, just basic comfort. If I could pull that off and still have my music... I'd be ecstatic. I still have no college degree, and work odd jobs here and there... so I can see my future being as bleak as the article describes; obviously, the prospect of making a living out of music or any of the arts is miniscule to say the least. Hello, accounting! Or something else as fortunately stable and unfortunately miserable.
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