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Default Re: Worst. Song. Ever.

Poor Rebecca cried about the nasty comments ... all the way to the bank. I will happily share her pain. Yeah PQ, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell had it worked out.

But hey, the music is tighter than many bands I've seen, where there's a little push pull in the tempo, a few notes not played quite cleanly. A lot of "old" music is considered sloppy by today's machine-driven standards.

You don't get a contract if things aren't perfect ... but you'll get it if you write machine-perfect trendy, formulaic vacuous tripe that resonates with people raised on a diet of self absorbed reality TV and Facebook "everyday celebrities".

We're increasingly throwing the baby out with the bathwater (the bathwater being the excesses of endless soloing and the pretension of pre-punk prog). Middle ground, anyone?
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