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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

The criminalization of cannabis has everything to do with keeping an extremely profitable commodity out of the hands of the general public, so the ones in control can milk even more substantial illegal profits from it. The government wins all around. They make huge money in payoffs, and then get to arrest those who get caught, providing jobs (and tax revenue, not to mention the fines) on the back end with the prosecution. Then there's the prison fiasco and drug testing companies. The big loser is the individual and human rights.

My advice is:

Don't take pharmeceuticals, government poison.
Don't buy beer or liquor from the majors
Don't buy cigarrettes period
If you can get off petroleum, don't buy that either
Don't buy your soft drinks from the majors
Don't buy cleaning supplies and chemicals from the majors, be creative instead.
Don't buy fast food.
Stop feeding your enemy.

Support local small business and divert your portion of the vampire's lifeblood (your money) to ordinary citizens trying to make it. If we all did this, what would the DuPonts of the world do? Shrivel up and die I would hope.
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