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I need to post something meaningful in tribute to Joe Morello. He was a huge inspiration to me. Hell I even set my drums up similar to the way he did. He studied with George Lawrence Stone as did I, but not at the same time as Joe was quite a bit older. Joe's signature solo was done on Take Five with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, the all time most played and listened to tune in jazz history. I would submit that a big part of the appeal of that track can be attributed to Joe's solo. Joe was an amazing drummer and teacher. His eyes were weak, but he made up for it with his ears. Big ears. At a clinic he conducted at my high school in 1964 or 1965 he played Jingle Bells on his 13" tom tom changing the tone using his fingers to change the tension on the head and using one stick to play the notes. To prove it wasn't just a parlor trick, he asked the audience to name another simple tune and he duplicated the effort on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star impromtu. He knew how to swing and he taught us the importance of keeping track of the beat no matter what. He advocated doing this with the hi hat. The man could swing like crazy and he knew how to build a solo to a crescendo. Listen to his solo from the album "At Carnegie Hall" on Castillian Drums. He was always generous with his time. He was a great drummer and a nice guy. He lives on through his music and the many lives he touched in a long and productive life. God bless you Joe!
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