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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
... I'm still not clear where big biz has much of a stake in this particular culture mini-war. My impression is that in this case it is solely politicians fretting over the next election cycle and the formidable block of social conservatives who would likely succeed in derailing the career of any who dared push for legalization.
Yes, there's a few sides to this, but bear in mind that another big fish is organised religion. I know there are a lot of religious people on this site and most are fine human beings. Multinationals and government employ some really fine people too. Individuals are great ... it's the behemoths that are the problem.

In this context, the wowserism of religions plays right into the hands of the Mr Bigs controlling the black market. I think it's naivete and rigidity in the case of religious right. They can't admit that the policies are doing damage.

Whatever. You can't fight city hall and, no matter what you do and what the law is, avoiding coming to the attention of the powers-that-be is not hard. I'm not convinced the laws will change in my lifetime.

Not long ago the news was triumphantly reporting on a major "drug" bust ... some helicopters found a pot plantation. So a few dumb ferals go to gaol. Yeeha.Meanwhile, the Mr Bigs with their labs producing crystal meth are laughing. They're not so easy to catch and the big helicopter busts make the police like they're actually doing something in the War Against Drugs, when they are just pi$$ing in the wind. Funny how the biggest crime bosses seem to be untouchable ...
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