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Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
Latz, that is an awesome looking drum... How did you get the grains to turn on those segments? Were they steam bent then dried or what? Very creative.
That is the natural grain pattern, the blocks may have been flipped when I glued it together, but the rest is all natural..

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
No way! You MADE this?? Possibly the most beautiful snare I have ever seen.
DMC, Thanks, that is a big compliment. I have been making drums since '95, a few famous clients and more not so famous. Check out my snare collection in my sig, I made all of the ones with tube lugs. Even manufactured the lugs way back when...

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Stunning use of segmented design! I love the wave effect of the grain curves. Very original, very sexy.
KIS, thanks. These pics are from the customer. When I saw them I told him he could have at least wiped the finger prints off. He laughed and replied, "Fingerprints!?! That's drool my friend... " So I guess I can't complain...
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