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Default Re: Worst. Song. Ever.

Yeah. When I heard this song, I was amazed how many hits THAT PIECE OF CRAP got in a month. It's really disappointing to see the "music" world fall this low. The most frustrating thing is seeing people (mostly the younger generation) support stuff like this. I don't even know why. I guess they just lack knowledge of anything musical, or just don't care about art anymore. I mean, I can understand dance music, but I have people tell me all the time that the most important part of the song is the lyrics. I'm not trying to say that lyrics aren't important, but let's be honest. How many great bands are out there that don't even have a singer? The most important part of the music is the MUSIC!! But nobody cares anymore, and we end up with Rebecca Black "singing" with her "band" with all the instruments and the vocals processed several times through a computer to the point where it's not even them anymore. Okay, enough ranting. I just want to say, I agree with you completely!!!
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