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[quote=larryace;815430the only thing that matter to governments are money, energy, money, land, money, power and money. They also care about money too. Citizens don't really factor into their larger schemes. They are actually a nuisance to governments. It's up to the citizens to keep government where it belongs. (and we need all the help we can get)
In my mind my government is my arch enemy, sorry but that's how I really feel. Future Swedish citizen here.[/quote]

Bearing in mind that governments are controlled by multinationals. As I said earlier, the issue isn't "government" but the "big fish", who consume us little fish ... have a look at that book recommendation BassDriver gave me. The big fish include government but, rest assured, if governments don't do the multinationals' bidding they get voted out.

In Oz, most of our money comes through mining, which is largely owned by multinationals with majority foreign ownership. They are digging up non-renewable resources at breakneck speed and making mind-blowing profits. The government decided that we needed to keep some of this one-off money in Oz and aired the idea of a super profits tax - which only raised rates for the companies after the company had made billions and billions of profit. There is no way the companies would be struggling because they had already made "super profits".

Thing is, we're losing our resources and most of the money is going overseas. The mining companies spent many thousands on an aggressive advertising campaign. They cried poor, saying they'd be forced to leave Oz (BS) and sack thousands of workers (BS). With the help of the Opposition and the Murdoch press they got the prime minister sacked through his plummeting approval ratings. Soon afterwards the government lost their previously-healthy majority next election, surviving with only the help of two independents - and this was with a religious fundamentalist loony in charge of the Opposition who was previously considered an unelectable joke!

The tax made sense. When the resources are largely gone - we are screwed. We'll have diddly squat. We need to make the money when it's available. Thing is, we also need to invest that money wisely to set ourselves up for the time when the minerals are depleted.

And what better investment for a country's citizens is there than to pour thousands of dollars on police, lawyers, courts and administrative costs so as to humiliate rock stars and persecute harmless little people who enjoy a few scoobies?

So, yes, government sucks but they are only a cog in the larger sucking machine, which is largely controlled by big biz. They call the shots. Do you think about the spider's life when you pull down its web? Do you worry about the children when you kill pregnant cockroaches (apart from being glad)? If a trail of ants leads to the honey in your pantry, do you leave it be so they can get on with their lives? Or do you "tidy them up"?

We are big biz and the govt. The insects are Phil Rudd and other small, annoying pests like you and me. It's the law of the jungle. All we insects can do is avoid the predators ... the Big Things.

Sure, for some reason Scandinavians seem to be more evolved and have moved past some stupid stuff that we Yanks, Poms and Convicts obsess about. I suspect it's because they're usually stuck indoors in bad weather and are therefore forced to actually think.

I'd rather enjoy good weather and stay under the radar so I'm not squashed like a bug :) Then you have Mike's comment - when you're young it's satisfying to thumb your nose at being naughty and evading the Big Things. That, of course, is why the US has much higher drug use than Holland. Forbidden fruit.

On a musical note (ha) the speakeasies hired lots of musos. Now we have E-fuelled rave parties and they hire DJs.

// end insomniac rant - back to bed :) //
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