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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

Having a stronger signal on through both speakers does not make it stereo, that would simply make it louder mono. Stereo involves separate/different sounds coming out of each speaker. For example if you point a stereo pair of microphones looking down at a drum set and pan them accordingly, then that is stereo. You can hear the high hat to your right, the ride to your left, the snare and kick fairly center, the toms going from left to right. Simply making something louder out of both channels in no way makes it stereo! I'll say it again, if you have the same thing coming out of both channels then it is mono, if you have one sounds coming out of one speaker and a different sound coming out of the other then that is stereo. There is no point in taking one track and copying it.

Oh, and David Copperfeild gives your brain a reason to be tricked by pretending to cut a girl in half. Copying a track doesn't even pretend to be stereo. That would be like Copperfeild taking a girl, standing her in plain view of the audience from head to toe, and saying "I just cut her in half". The crowd would not buy it for a second, because he has done nothing.

Another way to look at it is that Copperfiield takes a girl stands her in front of the crowd, then takes another girl that looks exactly like her, and standing them side by side and say, "I have now cut this girl in half and here are the two parts". (That one wasn't as good, but you get the point)
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