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Default Re: Played with a Throne Butt Kicker for the First Time

I've been reading up on these transducers and I have a few questions.

The rig I played on did not have the kick signal coming back to the ButtKicker from the board. It utilized a trigger on the bass drum that ran directly to the ButtKicker.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to poke around and check out the whole set up.

Besides "feeling" my kick drum placement with what I can hear and foot-feel, I truly enjoyed physically feeling the thump to reinforce my feel for precision (the bass drum was very boxy sounding and was very muddy in the mix)

Would the ButtKicker Mini Concert set up with the appropriate amp and trigger be adequate? I can get this unit for about $100, so it wouldn't really be an extravagant purchase. I think the units you're using are about $700 each.

Bermuda, how does your help you in playing situations? Is it more about the thump for when you can't hear well or for other reasons?
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