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Yes, I see your point. No one wants the 'perfect', government ran, Utopian society you read of in books such as The Giver and Anthem, but that are a actually cold tyranny.
However, to some degree the government does have to watch after personal choices to promote the general welfare.
Speeding is a personal choice that can result in death or injury, thus it is unhealthy, but not only to the individual, but also to other people in the community.

But back to the main topic. Drug use harms a society. A bunch of individuals I just described running (more like living, but whatever) around in a community cannot promote public order or wellness.
Making something illegal with a fine of money or jail time is not what I call tyranny. Shooting someone on sight for smoking is what I call tyranny, which is not the case.

Besides the government never actually controls you. You can do whatever the heck you want, they just impose fines and penalties for those in actions.
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