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Originally Posted by Crazy8s View Post
When organizing my life to match some of this country's most upright and intelligent, righteous and caring leaders, I choose to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson. He was the most intelligent and productive President of the US, and he grew marijuana at Monticello.

One day, after realizing that our country need some direction of its own and didn't need help from the tax-hungering Brits, he rolled up a big fat blunt from his private stash, inhaled some of that tasty smoke and then proceeded to write the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

If smoking weed makes me stupid and a burnout like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington (who also grew it on his land), then so be it.
Um, could you provide two or three unbiased sources that support this? I mean all of these arguments (I guess even my own) have not really been supported, but I really wonder about this...

I seem not very good at choosing words, but I will plainly say that marijuana is not good. You can not deny it has some of the same side effects as smoking a normal cigarette.
Also, anything that could become addiction, whether physical or mental, is not healthy. So many people say "I could quit if I wanted." But, can they really? No. Not without a struggle.
They are a slave to something that is essentially out of their control. Not a fun way to live. Also the culture associated with it is also detrimental to a person.
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