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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Holy cow, those are gorgeous drums! In cases like this, there is nothing a stain can do to increase the beauty of natural wood.

Thick mahogany/birch shells should give a great balance of attack, warmth and volume.

Why are the shells so long? Is that how they make them, as long cylinders, then cut them in sections?
yeah that is how the drum makers get them or can order them...they they just cut them up. i guess this has to be carefully planned out, ordered, etc. i will as Dale how he does this part. i forgot to mention that these are just lightly finished w/ some oil / seal. the only thing stained at the BD hoops which were crafted to match using (maple) hoops. it's seamless & amazing work.

i really want a zebrawood kit next w/ a 18" kick.
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