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Originally Posted by double_G View Post
wow, ironwood is awesome!! below is my Fortune Drums kit built from Keller vintage shells in 10, 12, 14, 14x5, 20 w/ African Ribbon Mahogany. although these are not like the normal "modern vintage" shells they offer that are pretty thick. these are a a special run of 8 ply w/ African Ribbon Mahogany inside and out with a Birch core. there are also thin stock maple rings in graduated widths inside fabbed by Dale at FD. enjoy ! Geoff in Atlanta
Holy cow, those are gorgeous drums! In cases like this, there is nothing a stain can do to increase the beauty of natural wood.

Thick mahogany/birch shells should give a great balance of attack, warmth and volume.

Why are the shells so long? Is that how they make them, as long cylinders, then cut them in sections?
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