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Uh oh, I'm screwed. I both work for the government and believe that the psychodynamic school of psychology has a valid place in the system (especially Jung and Berne ... transactional analysis is brilliant). Freud built that house and the man was a visionary. Like any science, the first tranches are laughably flawed by today's standards. Compare his thinking to that which prevailed back in his day. Behavioural psychology is great for some things, but its focus on symptoms means it will only paper over cracks in cases with a deep-seated root. If you have rising damp, there's not much point replacing the wallpaper ever two months. The trouble with Freudian psychology is that it's powerful, which makes it destructive if not done well. So you don't go messing with the plumbing when the wallpaper only has a few marks and tears. Horses for courses.

As for government, it's not one homogeneous beast. There are different aspects, some good and some bad. The executive is pretty ugly, but there are tons of good people working in government. (present company excluded :). My main criticism of them is they are too conservative (for my liking), too close-minded. It should be said that private enterprise ain't always so wonderful either ... think News Ltd and Exxon.

Really, the problem isn't only government, the problem is BIG things. And the problem with the big things is that they dominate small things - to suit themselves, just like a cat and mouse (this is Bo's cue). If you're a mouse, you're going to find cats pretty inconvenient. All you do is hope to escape their attention. Julian Assange is an example of someone who came to the "cat's" attention. Karen Silkwood is another.

Buy can we really blame the cat? After all, how convenient are we to insects we see in the house? It's the cycle ...

As well, I'd suggest that Rupert Murdoch has done far more to shape our nations than any politician or bureaucrat. He calls the shots. If they don't jump, they are sacked. In the end, it's his fault that Phil got nicked!

Sorry about all this - I'm an analyst. That's what I do - I analyse things ... all the time. It drives me crazy. The only thing that keeps me sane is being able to get in a room with a bunch of people with instruments and play music, and later on wind down with a few cones :)
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