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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

A little off topic, but I feel this is important info and should be spread about....I just found out recently that the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, the bank that dictates the flow of money (read, the bank who has the power to make or break this country) is, get this....

A PRIVATE CORPORATION! A Freakin PRIVATE CORPORATION! They are no more Federal than Federal Express.

I can't tell you how many levels of wrong that is..
Furthermore, the main stockholder of the US Federal Reserve Bank is, get this, the Rothchilds of London! Not even an American!

The US Constitution states that ONLY CONGRESS has the power to issue currency. ONLY CONGRESS! That is a fact. The Fed is not Congress. They aren't even part of the government. The Fed is immune to audits also. They have no higher authority to answer to. The Federal Reserve Bank of the US is by it's very existance, unconstitutional, plain and simple.

When the US needs more currency, the order goes to the Federal Reserve, and they just print the money, (with no gold backing it up) and issue it to the US Treasury, as a loan! Then the best part (for the Fed) the Fed has to be paid back that money with interest! I hope everyone who isn't aware of these facts is seeing red.

This info has been around awhile, I just became aware in the last month or so, and I was hopping mad when I found this out. Woodrow Wilson (The President who signed the Federal Reserve Act) was quoted as saying (a few years after he signed the Bill) "I have unwittingly ruined my country".

Give me the control of a nations money supply (like the Fed has) and it matters not who makes the laws.

That is a quote from one of the Rothchilds.

The whole thing just sickens me.
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